We create relationships from the inside out. When we want to change how our relationships are operating, it’s an inside job.

Hi, I’m Mukti.

I have 15+ years of professional experience and education in love, connection, couples and family relationships. Intimate Relationship and Love has been my specialist area, since 2002.

I’m accredited with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication and worked along side the late founder, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, co-training. I studied directly with him intensively in Switzerland, the USA, Australia and New Zealand.

I’m one of the first 4 trainers for the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Australia and was a co-founder of the largest comprehensive program for integrating NVC for 6 years.  These are examples of my passion for searching out what is at the leading edge and for deep transformative change.

Often times it can require more than learning Nonviolent Communication (NVC) (which is the language of connection) to transform the foundations of a relationship.  For that reason I became an Emotionally Focused Couple Therapist (EFCT). This is literally a world class empirically proven method which is widely considered one of the best (if not the best 🙂 ) couple therapy models available.

My own inner work, uniquely shapes how I share NVC and bring EFCT. To date I am the only person both accredited in EFCT and NVC. Hopefully that changes, because these two modalities are an incredibly powerful combination which is widely needed.

I’m also a rare animal in being the first (and only in Australia) to deliver comprehensive Online Learning of NVC. I’m certainly not super techy.  I just feel compelled to reach out widely and contribute in an easily digestible, loving way using technology. More about this below.

I can usually be found at my local beach hill-walking in the early morning, having a cup of tea with a friend or swimming. I love an electricity free evening .. just candles!  These are great ways for me to relax and put down technology.

Why is Everyday Love online?

There are three reasons:

Firstly, someone dear to me needed relationship support and I was too close to be able to contribute. They also spoke about the expense involved too.

On top of this, every morning I go to the beach. Friends down there have been saying for ages that their partners would not be willing to see someone for relationship help.

Add to this that we live with cultural messages of shame and confusion around emotions. Especially (and not only) for men.

These three challenges, confirmed that relationship resources online could be a viable solution for many. It gives private, accessible, affordable, support that is professional and transformative.

Therapy is profoundly unique in the depth of change it can facilitate. I am not saying that online resources replace this. They can enhance and support therapy. Even super-charge private therapy. Again reducing the number of sessions and increasing the depth achieved in the therapeutic environment.

This is why we now have Everyday Love online!!

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFCT)?

EFT is extensively empirically validated as the most successful approach for building loving relationships. It has a 75% success rate and even those who don’t complete the process in full, experience a 90% improvement in their relationship. It is irrefutable now that our early attachment bonding experiences shape our relationships. That can be helpful or unhelpful!

EFT has a structured approach – de-escalating the negative cycle; restructuring the bond; integrating the positive cycle. Long after completing this process couples report their relationship is increasingly loving and resilient.

EFT is relevant for ALL relationships!

What is NVC?

NVC is the language of the positive cycle i.e. connection. It is a fabulous way to establish and support directing attention away from our thoughts, negative perceptions of the world and ourselves; instead we direct attention back inward toward making heart-felt interactions that embrace emotions and common human needs —both our own and our partners. NVC stands for Nonviolent Communication. Nonviolent meaning compassionate, honest, present – in the way Gandhi and Martin Luther King used it.

It helps us find and take actions from the energy of love and connection.


Our Live Learning or Online Courses and Practice will give you new insights and understandings about how that can help you to deepen your connection.

Online Courses and Practice will give you new insights and understandings about how that can help you to deepen your connection.

In-person support is absolutely your first step so you can:

  1. Step out of the negative cycle of interactions you currently have and address the painful emotions behind it.
  2. Have the healing conversations you both need so you can build trust and intimacy.
  3. Embody the positive cycle of connection that strengthens your relationship for years to come.