We create our relationships from the inside out. When we want to change the way our relationships are operating, it’s an inside job.


  • Flexible online learning at your own pace.
  • Professionally designed and delivered courses.
  • Services and resources based on time-tested and empirically proven methods.
  • Support through live online practice sessions.
  • In-person private support for deep integrated relationship support.


Our Live Learning or Online Courses and Practice will give you new insights and understandings about how that can help you to deepen your connection.

Online Courses and Practice will give you new insights and understandings about how that can help you to deepen your connection.

In-person support is absolutely your first step so you can:

  1. Step out of the negative cycle of interactions you currently have and address the painful emotions behind it.
  2. Have the healing conversations you both need so you can build trust and intimacy.
  3. Embody the positive cycle of connection that strengthens your relationship for years to come.

START HERE – Online MINI-Course

Discovering and making sense of the many layers of emotions, needs and thoughts can be daunting and unfamiliar territory. It’s possible for ALL of us to understand emotions and find healthy loving ways forward in intimate relationship. However there can be perceived barriers, and these were the impetus for Everyday Love…

Someone dear to me needed relationship support and I was too close to be able to contribute. Money was a factor too. I realised my dream of providing relationship resources online was the solution for them and others with limited resources. It would give affordable support rather than none.

I also go to the beach early each morning and people there told me that their husbands and boyfriends (predominately) would not be willing to get relationship help.  I work with both men and women and I see how the messages that society has given men and some women too, has generated shame and confusion around emotions.

I wanted to offer private, safe, flexible stepping stones so that everyone can find support, including those who say that they would never go to therapy or a workshop.

Hi, I’m Mukti.  To me, relationship in its full potential, is a path for transformation, healing, health, purpose and happiness.

I invite you into an expansive presence of warmth, authenticity, joy and love. Support and community are what Everyday Love offers 🙂

You will find a powerful and UNIQUE combination of learning and embodying the consciousness of  Nonviolent/Compassionate Communication, conversation which values everyone’s needs equally and also transformative deep honest therapeutic dialogues as per Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFCT).

Most of our relationship difficulties come from not being able to make sense of our nervous system responses and the accompanying thoughts and emotions.  We can get lost in there and sometimes painfully tangled up!

In my offering here, the holding of our feelings, needs and soulful longings for love is approached through the lens of attachment theory.  I also bring a rich pot of personal and business relationship experiences including in blended families and business. This is grounded in 15+ years of professional experience and education in love, connection, couples and family relationships.

I am Accredited with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication. I have co-trained with the founder of Nonviolent Communication, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg and studied with him personally intensively in Switzerland and the USA.

Usually out there with the new ideas, it’s no surprise that I found myself one of the first 4 founding trainers for the Center for Nonviolent Communication in Australia and co-founder of www.embodyingnvc.com .

It’s my great privilege to be supervised by Dr. Jenny Fitzgerald, Australia’s foremost Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy therapist trainer for EFCT. So you’re in safe hands and thoroughly supported as you step out toward more of what you know is possible in relationship.

I look forward to meeting you!


Couple Communication Therapist
Specialising in NVC
Fully Trained in EFCT

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFCT)?

EFT is extensively empirically validated as the most successful approach for building loving relationships. It has a 75% success rate and even those who don’t complete the process in full, experience a 90% improvement in their relationship. It is irrefutable now that our early attachment bonding experiences shape our relationships. That can be helpful or unhelpful!

EFT has a structured approach – de-escalating the negative cycle; restructuring the bond; integrating the positive cycle. Long after completing this process couples report their relationship is increasingly loving and resilient.

EFT is relevant for ALL relationships!

What is NVC?

NVC is the language of the positive cycle ie. connection. It is a fabulous way to establish and support directing attention away from our thoughts, negative perceptions of the world and ourselves; instead we direct attention back inward toward making heart-felt interactions that embrace emotions and common human needs —both our own and our partners. NVC stands for Nonviolent Communication. Nonviolent means compassionate, honest, present – in the way Gandhi and Martin Luther King used it.

It helps us find and take actions from the energy of love and connection.