Christmas and expectations

Christmas and expectations

Christmas promises many goodies and comes loaded with expectations 🙂 We want so much the promise of fun, love, connection and relaxation. And lets take a few minutes to clear our expectations compassionately. We all sense ‘energy’, we sense when there are expectations.  They lead us into healing feelings when fully acknowledged and bring tension in the air or resentment if not addressed.  Here are two steps for embracing and clearing (or at least softening) our own expectations:

  • Judging someone else? Have quick honest look as to whether you ever have done the same thing. Hmm. Thought so 🙂 That self-honesty is a quick route back to peace for me.
  • Resentful? Or coercing yourself or someone else? Really engage with WHY you are or aren’t doing something, or want someone else to do or not do something.  What are you really trying to fill up your heart with? Is it love and belonging?  Care or being valued by family? Take a few minutes to just sit with what you find.

Quietly slowly, feel, feel, feel your way though any relationship road bumps. Find those goodies (understanding, love, peace..)  inside yourself and in those around you. Yep, even when they have a ways of attending to these that don’t sit well with you.

Love and peace to you and your families

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