Create Conversations that Connect …

Are you worried about the impact you are having on each other? Do you find it hard to speak up and claim your space? Or to get heard?

For the past few years * Marie had been having a hard time connecting with her husband and her adult son. When she joined Connection Essentials  she was hesitant. She didn’t want to learn a set of rules that would feel restrictive.

After a few weeks she wrote to me telling me that things were really improving and the course was quickly helping with these relationships. Her partner was actually having fun with her again and even reading over her shoulder with curiosity, as she was learning online. And her son was reaching out to engage and do things together. Something subtle but powerful had shifted – many people write to me and report this.

Is it time to change how you communicate in your intimate relationships?

Connection Essentials is a course that shows you how to connect deeply with yourself and then from this natural, clarity, warmth and inner awareness, you are able to relate very authentically and in a new way with yourself, your partner and family.

15+ years ago I discovered a system of communicating from the heart (NVC) which has been taught all around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people have learned this and transformed their lives through changing their conversations.

Marie had never done an online course before and had been ‘buzzing around NVC but not been able to find a way in”. She found Connection Essentials an easy approach that was accessible, intimate and engaging.

The course is enriching, self-paced ideally over 2 – 12 weeks, depending on your speed and personal availability. You receive plenty of support. Register today for Connection Essentials and get started.

What you’ll receive

  • Knowledge and skills in the training portal of videos (3 – 10 minutes each), handouts and exercises for your relationship (value $600+)
  • Mentoring and practice through interactive online Group Coaching every 2 weeks x 6, 1.5 hours each (value $600)
  • Daily support and inspiration through the private FB Connection Essentials Community (value $1600)
  • Refresh anytime through lifetime access to the Connection Essentials training portal plus updates (value $1900)
  • Membership Coupon for Partner/ Friend at up to 50% off regular course fees
  • NVC Foundation This course is an online NVC foundation course with additional unique insights for intimate relationship.

This course is powerful as a couple, with a friend or as an individual.

What people say about this course


Is this for me?

  • You enjoy your relationship and want more depth and intimacy?  Then yes this is absolutely ideal for you.  You’ll gain the insights, practical application support and understanding of what you can do daily to support intimacy.
  • Wondering if you really need private support but one of you doesn’t want to go down that path? You guys are who I had in mind when I created these Online Courses! I recommend you definitely join the course. Taking a step forward toward better connection is paramount.
  • Already in therapy or coaching? Course Membership will add significant support to any private work you undertake. If you’ve completed then it will help you consolidate your positive cycle of connection. **It’s just not intended to replace Private Support or therapy.
  • Are you are currently single and/or want to improve how you interact with a family member?  You will get a great deal of knowledge and insight about how you can strengthen your relationships and also about how to truly shape your life around what matters to you, through being clear and compassionate with yourself.  Ready to engage with others at the level of their heart too.

Module Topics

Module 1 – Connecting to yourself

Calming and collecting yourself if triggered
Taking 100% accountability for emotions and needs
Becoming clear about your what is most important at point anytime
Giving yourself empathy
Making sense your inner world for connection

Module 2 – Listening Deeply

Learning to listen skilfully to open space and connection
Listening during difficult conversations
Empathic listening – male and female ways
Knowing what to listen for, not just how

Module 3 – Speaking Up

Saying what you really want to say
Expressing yourself in ways that tend to draw connection
Understanding the core information to convey
How to build bridges for connection
Making requests.
Asking for what you want so that connection is strengthened

Module 4 – Putting it all together

Knowing the steps in conversing to create connection
Recognising when to speak, when to listen and when to connect with yourself
Creating connection through conversation

Time involved

  • Approximately 20 – 45 minutes learning time per module
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • I suggest 1 module/2 weeks for 8 weeks
  • 70 minutes x 4, Fortnightly for your live interactive Group Coaching Calls
  • Revisit your Connection Essentials portal anytime