4 week advanced course on deepening connection!

*Before you start this course you’ll need to complete the Mini-Course

Are you ready to turn the lights ON in your relationship? To consciously understand how to make deep strong loving connection, even when there is stress? 

The content in this course is mind-blowing and has literally been transforming lives all around the world for 50 years. You will be guided through several simple, yet super-powerful shifts in how you approach love and your partner.

My experience 15 years ago was suddenly I made sense in a whole new way and so did my partner. Since then I’ve shared this with hundreds of couples in a unique and practical way.

When you apply what you learn in this course, on top of being able to interrupt your disconnection habits (see Two Things To Know), you’ll have massive support for creating resilient habits of connection … and lasting love.

Now that’s way too special to keep for the lucky few, isn’t it?

I also just want you to be able to have a strong, caring, compassionate, passionate relationship, because you can! 😉 That’s plain fun, heart-warming and nourishing.

And isn’t that exactly what we all want? So let’s get started 🙂

I’ve laid everything out in simple step by step modules too, so you can take your time, go backwards and repeat parts and not get overwhelmed.

You can take this course as a couple or individual. Taken together, it can be part of exploring connection and therefore a bonding experience. Even without your partner’s involvement, what you learn here will enable you to bring a breath of fresh air to yourself, and your relationship <3

Time involved

  • Approximately 45 minutes learning time per week for 4 weeks
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • 45 minutes x 4, Fortnightly for your live interactive Group Coaching Calls
  • Revisit your Connection Essentials portal anytime
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All our courses are:

  • Flexible..  you plan your learning time according to your schedule
  • Shareable.. invite your partner to watch and learn too
  • Accessible.. from any device
  • Private.. confidential to you. No need to leave your own home
  • Integrated.. with live contact with the lead trainer – that would be me 😉 You’re not just out there on your own!
  • Handy.. Forgot something? Need a refresh? Dive right back in anywhere you wish.

LIVE GROUP COACHING with Mukti and her team for Connection Essentials participants, so you see course material modelled, have help to apply, get to practice experientially, ask questions and learn from others in your course!

ONLINE COMMUNITY CONNECTION with Mukti and course-mates. Mukti is very active in the Private Facebook Group, where you will also learn, share and have questions and support between the above Group Coaching including from your fellow course participants.

EFCT NVC Intimate relationship online communication course elements

One payment of $397 (USD)

Linda Mukti Non-violent communications couple courseMoney Back Guarantee

If you’ve completed your first three modules, done the exercises, showed up in the group live chat time with Mukti and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund what you’ve paid us for this course – no worries.