In this course you will learn

  • the essence of what creates a positive cycle connection
  • to soothe and calm yourself when you are triggered
  • to reach out and create close connection
  • to untangle blame and criticism, instead of hearing an attack
  • Discover how to say what you really want the other to understand

There are 6 friendly practical modules in this course. You can do this!! and enjoy the journey 🙂

Each one contains multiple videos (5 – 10 minutes each), downloadable handouts, a quick check quiz and an exercise to apply what you learn to your own situation.

Your course membership also includes being part of exclusive Group Live Chat with Linda Mukti for support.


  • Approximately 45 minutes per week for 6 weeks
  • You’ll receive 1 module per week, for 6 weeks
  • Lifetime access
  • Pre-launch Special Prices !

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Good to know

Our Intro Course – Two Things To Know –  is a prerequisite to Connection Essentials. Without it you won’t fully understand what I’m sharing in Connection Essentials.  So sign up for Two Things To Know and complete it first.

Connection Essentials is the prerequisite to Core Conversations. So if you want to do that (and I recommend you do) make sure you head straight over to Full Membership (includes Core Conversations).  You’ll then be GIVEN Connection Essentials as part of your Full Membership.


Is this for you?

You enjoy your relationship and want more depth and intimacy?  Then yes this is absolutely ideal for you.  You’ll gain the insights, practical application support and understanding of what you can do daily to support intimacy.

Wondering if you really need private support but one of you doesn’t want to go down that path? You guys are who I had in mind when I created these Online Courses! I recommend you definitely join the course. Taking a step forward toward better connection is paramount.

Already in therapy or coaching? Course Membership will add significant support to any private work you undertake and consolidate what you’ve achieved, if you have done private therapy relationship work.  It’s just not intended to replace Private Support or therapy.

Are you are currently single or want to improve a relationship with a family member?  You will get a great deal of knowledge and insight about how you can strengthen your relationships and also about how to truly shape your life around what matters to you, through being clear and compassionate with yourself.  Ready to engage with others at the level of their heart too.

Pre-launch Special $297

Regular Price $550

Starts in May 2017


All our courses are:

  • Flexible..  you plan your learning time according to your schedule
  • Shareable.. invite your partner to watch and learn too
  • Accessible.. from any device
  • Private.. confidential to you. No need to leave your own home
  • Integrated.. with live contact with the lead trainer – that would be me 😉 You’re not just out there on your own!
  • Handy.. Forgot something? Need a refresh? Dive right back in anywhere you wish.

GROUP LIVE CHAT with me is available for Connection Essentials participants, so you can have help to apply and practice what is relevant for you, plus have questions answered and connect to others on the same course!


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Full Membership
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Connection Essentials’ modules and support materials$550
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Supportive Private FB Group with Live Group Chat Sessions with Linda Mukti
60+ minutes/month for 12 months
Invaluable ~ $2160+
Supportive Private FB Group with Live Group Chat Sessions with Linda Mukti
80+ minutes/month for 12 months
Invaluable ~ $3360+
Attend One Free "Communicating From Love" Live Event$399
Total Value$2710$5306
Regular Price$550$997
Pre-launch Special $297$397

Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve completed your first three modules, done the exercises, showed up in the group live chat time with Linda Mukti and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund what you’ve paid us for this course – no worries.