If You’re Ready to Build a Stronger, Closer and
Deeper Relationship, You’re in the Right Spot!

Hi, I’m Mukti, and I’m so glad you’re here!

Here is an easy, private, self-paced way to learn to communicate from your heart, with integrated coaching!

I understand how heartbreaking relationships can be when they’re not going well, how numb we can feel when we’re just treading water in one, and I’ve also had the privilege of enjoying how rich, rewarding and meaningful it can be to have a relationship built on a foundation of honesty, transparency, trust and intimacy.

That’s why I’m SO passionate about the work that I do today helping smart, spiritually-minded people like you (especially couples), experience true closeness, intimacy and connection in their relationships.

“I soon realised that what Mukti was offering was not the skills to improve my relationship, but the wisdom to connect with myself, to show myself empathy, and to learn to like myself.  Mukti loves doing what she does and what she offers is unconditional love.  The investment you make in Mukti, with the programs and support she offers is the best investment one can make.”

Regards David C. Australia 2019

I (Mukti) went on a search and became accredited in my most favourite tools, practices and approaches, particularly Nonviolent Communication, and created the Connection Essentials Online Training + Live Group Coaching Program for you!

Why? Because so many of us have grown up afraid or disconnected from emotions–our own, or other people’s–especially the strong emotions.

And in a way, this makes sense.

We do this in a protective way because we’re often not sure where emotions are coming from, what they mean, or what to do with them. Yes?

But this unfamiliarity with knowing how to navigate emotional territory is a real barrier to intimate connection, as you know.

In the Connection Essentials  course are the “how to have a healthy relationship” lessons you wish you’d learned as a kid, but your parents and teachers simply didn’t have a clue how to teach you.  

Why you’re feeling how you’re feeling, how to express it, what to do about it, what to do when someone else tells you how they’re feeling… these are all the core components of a positive cycle of an intimate relationship. This is what we dive deep into in Connection Essentials.

Connection Essentials includes 8 weeks of video trainings PLUS 1.5 hours per week (over 14 hours total) of live, small-group coaching to really help you integrate what you’ve learned. The investment for this program is $997 with a 3-pay option available and you can save your spot right now.

Here’s what is covered in your online material to which you have lifetime access!!


  • How to Connect to What You Really Want and Feel More Quickly, Easily and Consistently (So You’re Less Likely to Say or Do Things You’ll Later Wish You Hadn’t)


  • How to Listen to Your Partner More Deeply and Skillfully (So They Feel Like You Actually ‘Get’ Them and Can Get Over Fights and Arguments More Easily)


  • How to Speak Your Truth in a Way That Invites Connection Rather Than Disconnect (So You Don’t Feel So Afraid That Things Will Blow Up When You Say What You Really Think)


  • How to Weave All Those Skills Together to Be Able to Have Meaningful, Productive and Heart-felt Conversations with Your Partner About Difficult Topics in a Way that Leaves You Feeling Closer at the End Instead of More Upset With Each Other

“I have been buzzing around NVC for a while but have not been able to really find a way in. I can think of so many people in my life who would benefit from what this course offers. It’s a great service to humanity.”

M.F. TAS, Australia

“I have places to go internally that are much more comforting now. Before Connection Essentials I didn’t see this and was looking outward trying to change the externals. My family relationships are closer now.”

C.M. QLD, Australia

You’re in just the right place.

This is where you’ll finally feel what intimate connection is and discover:

  • what it really means to speak from your heart
  • learn how to say what you’ve never had the courage to say
  • what it takes to listen and hear so you and your relationships can grow together
  • gain a stronger sense of yourself – who you are, what you want and what you stand for
  • the positive logic of emotions and how to truly engage your true message and express yourself honestly with compassion
  • how to listen beyond critical words to find compassion and connection
  • what it is to have breathable boundaries – ones where you are strong and connected
  • * Through … video based training modules and downloadables
    * 14 hours of live empowering group coaching
    * and responsive online community support.
    I wouldn’t miss it!
  • Access Course Material TODAY!

What course participants say …

Hear about the live Group Coaching experience…

calm centered

– Create An Extraordinary Intimate Relationship –

The Connection Essentials Toolkit gives you daily support and resources for as long as you like! It fuels the positive cycle of connection within yourself and enables you to relate in a whole new way to yourself, your partner and family!

This heart opening training is based on NVC 

Keys to unlock subtle blocks

Unlock hard conversations, so your relationships grow and understanding deepens even during conflict.

calm centered

Heal and soothe your inner dialogue and feelings so you are a secure, solid, loving base for yourself and your relationships

fresh space for communication

Create closeness because you now know the dance of connection and can  recognise where you are and what will best help in daily interactions AND the BIG conversations

**Special Bonuses and Add-ons:

+ 8 weekly, 90 mins Group Coaching Online
+ Members Only Private FB Coaching Group
+ Back To Love Course
+ Discover Your Real Feelings Course

Your Members Only Private FB Coaching Group is available to you every day for questions and community. I’m in there throughout each day responding to you. You can post anonymously if you wish. This is an incredible support and invaluable as you learn. I’m here walking with you and like minded course participants

Weekly Group Coaching online with Mukti via Zoom is available regularly – the next Live Round of 8 weekly sessions (14 hours) runs Feb 17 – Mar 31, 2020. In each session the whole group time is recorded. There is peer to peer small group practice which is not recorded.

Back To Love is a short powerful course
about the negative cycle of disconnection. It leads you to vital self awareness insights, that will enable you to see how you unconsciously block love. This course enables you to make new space for loving conversations to occur.

Discover Your Real Feelings is an easy video based course to increase your knowledge about emotions, what they are and importantly what they are not. Emotions are the life blood for vulnerability and intimacy.

Don’t miss these bonuses and be alone in your efforts, disconnected from your inner world and stuck in thoughts. Mixed up feelings and hurt thoughts frequently lead to more distance and separation. We grow best through connection 🙂

Connection Essentials

lifetime access soon to be $1497 AUD

money back guarantee below*

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do I need special training to apply this?”

No you don’t. This course is specifically designed to empower you with what you can do everyday, on your own.

Relationships definitely do sometimes need external professional support. If you are super distressed you might need extra help.

This course will complement any therapy or counselling you might decide you do need.

Everything is chunked down into simple things that you can immediately do to start to change your relationship dynamic 🙂

The majority of the course is about what is within your control.. YOU are the biggest influence in your relationship.

Through my videos, you’ll discover choices you can make to better allow your relationship to thrive.

The exercises are extremely easy to follow.

“Do I need to do anything awkward?”

No :+) You go at your pace and share as much or as little as you like with your partner. Your partner or a friend can join and do the course in the same group as you. You can start right now.

How will my relationship benefit?”

You will gain understanding about disconnecting and blocking connection and creating a loving connection. You will discover the 4 vital parts of communicating for connection.

You will find new points of connection, open and calm your heart, have conversations of connection and compassion. 

Once you join you can ask questions in our private fb community page and receive my coaching in there.

“Is my relationship ready for these activities?”

If you’ve read this far you care deeply about your relationship and/or something is definitely happening in your relationship, that is concerning you.

This is such important knowledge it will be a sound investment in your relationship awareness, now and in the future.

Connection Essentials will enlighten you about the positive connection cycle and the alert you to an underlying invisible structure of thoughts feelings, actions and needs. This will naturally make fertile ground for heart connection.

If you are already getting professional help, this will be a great leg up with everything you are doing.

You can purchase Private Sessions separately to add to your course experience, depending on availability.

A big warm welcome to you!  LOVE Mukti

Module 1 – Connecting to yourself

  • Calm and collect yourself if triggered by your partner
  • Give up blame and be proactive about your emotions and needs
  • Know what matters most to you at any point, so you shape your life and relationship from this clarity
  • Be honest and compassionate with yourself, so you can show up like this for your partner too

Module 2 – Listening Deeply

  • Listen skillfully to your partner and through this create safe loving space for deep connection
  • Understand how to bring empathy during difficult conversations with your partner, so healing can happen
  • Give the experience of truly being heard to your partner
  • Listen and uncover the REAL issue so you can address what is important effectively

Module 3 – Speaking Up

  • Say what you really want to say with compassion and so you can be fully understood by your partner
  • Express yourself so you tend to ‘pull’ for connection with you partner, rather than trigger emotional distance or upset
  • Put the essence of what you need to say to your partner clearly so you can build strong connection
  • Ask for what you want and need in ways that are attractive and clear

Module 4 – Putting it all together

  • Converse in a way which supports open and real connection with your partner
  • Recognise when it’s time to speak, listen or switch over to understanding your own thoughts, feelings and needs
  • Find out how to heal and strengthen connection through everyday
  • conversations with your partner

Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve completed your course, done the exercises, showed up in the fb group and reached out and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund you – no worries.

Book an Information Call  to ask any remaining questions 🙂 I WELCOME your questions.