Advanced course on deepening connection!

*Before you start this course you’ll need to complete the Mini-Course

Are you over having lots of arguing? Worried the impact you are having on each other or finding it hard to speak up in relationship and claim your space?

Or maybe you’ve done great therapy and you want to make sure you consciously support your new connection?

Imagine consciously understanding how to make deep, strong loving connection, even when there is stress. 


What you will learn

  • to soothe and calm yourself when you are reactive
  • what you can do differently to avoid resentment
  • to untangle blame and criticism and find an unexpected gift for connection
  • to reach out and speak up in ways that create close connection, not distance
  • how to listen to each other, so that everyday talk brings you closer

This course is powerful as a couple or an individual.

Mukti Jarvis Nonviolent communications couple courseMoney Back Guarantee

If you’ve completed your first three modules, done the exercises, showed up in the group live chat time with Mukti and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund what you’ve paid us for this course – no worries.

connection essentials

Mukti’s support is ongoing and consistent which meets my need for reliability and growth.

I appreciate that since joining Connection Essentials (this online course) I have not felt like I’m being ‘flooded’ with emails and/or posts that require a lot of attention. I’m not ‘a reader’ and time is precious. I like the simplicity and clarity of contact from Mukti thru Fb posts and personal comments which serves to stimulate in me a healthier way of processing my thoughts.The course and Mukti’s support is ongoing and consistent which meets my need for reliability and growth.


You truly saved our family unit, you helped us so so much.

Connection Essentials online course helped re-emphasise on an individual level, the work that was being done in our joint couples therapy sessions. The overlap was really useful. It was an excellent resource to revisit content, the strategies, and above all it secures the time to carry out some important reflective work that I don’t usually assign time to. You truly saved our family unit, you helped us so so much. A huge thank you.

G.C.  |  Sydney

One payment of $397 (USD)


Is this for me?

  • You enjoy your relationship and want more depth and intimacy?  Then yes this is absolutely ideal for you.  You’ll gain the insights, practical application support and understanding of what you can do daily to support intimacy.
  • Wondering if you really need private support but one of you doesn’t want to go down that path? You guys are who I had in mind when I created these Online Courses! I recommend you definitely join the course. Taking a step forward toward better connection is paramount.
  • Already in therapy or coaching? Course Membership will add significant support to any private work you undertake. If you’ve completed then it will help you consolidate your positive cycle of connection. **It’s just not intended to replace Private Support or therapy.
  • Are you are currently single and/or want to improve how you interact with a family member?  You will get a great deal of knowledge and insight about how you can strengthen your relationships and also about how to truly shape your life around what matters to you, through being clear and compassionate with yourself.  Ready to engage with others at the level of their heart too.

Time involved

  • Approximately 45 minutes learning time per week for 4 weeks
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • 45 minutes x 4, Fortnightly for your live interactive Group Coaching Calls
  • Revisit your Connection Essentials portal anytime