Your Secret Drawer of Maps For Core Conversations!  

*Before you start this course you’ll need to complete the Connection Essentials Course

There are a handful of CORE CONVERSATIONS every relationship needs.

Without these, your relationship is prone to getting stuck in resentment and judgments, unresolved past pain, no-go zones in conversations, increasing emotional and physical distance and diminishing trust and tenderness.

This course gives you guidance, demonstrations and all the downloadable resources you need so you KNOW what to do and what the critical shift points are to water and feed your relationship.

Before I knew about all this, I fumbled along and things got worse. I didn’t know how to best approach big situations, where to slow down, what to focus on. I was trying so hard! I bet you are too!!

I’ve studied and facilitated many couples through these conversations. They work! 🙂

Now I’ve created this bundle of ‘maps’, so YOU don’t have to walk into the ‘core conversation’ territory a complete novice and bewildered <3  Not anymore!

I’ve created incredible step by step resources that you can learn and come back to whenever you need them! You can get this in the bag.

If you need extra support – and you might.  Then either myself or another professional can help you. Just knowing what you learn here will even make that much easier.

In Core Conversations you will learn

  • why saying sorry doesn’t heal and what does
  • to say and hear ‘No’ without losing connection
  • how to stay open and support openness in intimate conversations
  • about making decisions from togetherness
  • how to de-escalate anger – yours or your partner’s
  • to magnify and build celebration of each other
core conversations

 Is this for you?

  • If you’ve completed or purchased the Two Things To Know and Connection Essentials Courses – then yes! This is going to build on what you’ve learned in Connection Essentials.
  • If you want material to guide you to repeatedly have those important, challenging and deeply rewarding conversations, which heal love, trust and connection – yes! This will be awesome for you 🙂
  • It’s important to de-escalate your emotions before approaching healing conversations. Revisit your Two Things To Know Mini-Course or get help, if need be.
  • If your Negative/ Disconnection Cycle is strongly activated be sure to seek either help here – Private Support or through a local couple specialist professional.

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Everyday Love’s courses will show you clearly, practically and with plenty of support material how to build loving connections and have those difficult conversations so that your relationship goes from strength to strength.

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LIVE GROUP COACHING CALLS during your Connection Essentials and Core Conversations courses are available for interaction with Mukti and course-mates, demonstrations, guidance and coaching!

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