Do you ever deserve?

Do you ever deserve?

Today I heard a man say “I deserve ..”.  He wasn’t angry or upset. On slowing down he realised that actually beneath his concept of “I deserve”, what was important to him was celebration.

He had just completed a 6 month intense emotional relationship journey and wanted to celebrate his successful navigation of this and the deeper connection he now had with himself.

When we have a ‘need’ or want something that isn’t within our normal range of being willing to receive or acknowledge, I notice the concept of deserve can slip in.

Do you have a ‘need’ that you have trouble owning or feel uncomfortable or a little switched off about?  e.g celebration, rest, love, intimacy? Do you think you, or others ‘have to earn’ the right to meet certain needs? Or do you talk about deservedness?

Relationships, communities and families are vastly softer, stronger and more supportive if we can stretch and grow our willingness to own our needs.

So I’m encouraging you to honour the full range of YOUR common human needs 🙂 to start with.

Being human inherently involves needs. Yes? So we can be conscious or not about this.  Becoming more and more aware, accepting and comfortable with the full range of the natural needs as they emerge seems simply honest.  And also deeply respectful and empathetic.

What if we all just quietly lose the concept of deserve? Aaaah what a sigh of relief there is for me in just imagining that!

Mukti xx



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