A Long Weekend, Blue Mountains Nature + 12 single women, just like you

You are on an amazing journey of love … including this important leg of your journey in which you are single. Single is beautiful and I understand it might not be a word that appeals. I absolutely get this.

Come with me …

There are many aspects of life we do differently when are are are solo. From finances to decision-making, socialising etc. There are a lot of ups e.g. freedom of choice and there are some challenges.

Do you ignore your tender feelings or discard these in a haze of constant busyness, chit-chatting or get over-whelmed by your feelings and numb them out in a funk?

In this retreat you will discover fresh ways of both being your strong independent self AND allowing your tenderness.

Do you find yourself bossy? Needy? Distant? Disinterested? These are signs of our inner stress and struggle. Often our same pain points, that show up when we are with others or in intimate relationship.

  • Discover a unique and gentle process for healing a few things from the past and which you can use to soothe and honour your heart anytime.
  • Expand your willingness to love and be loved.  Meet yourself and hold yourself, in just the best way for you.
  • Allow yourself to rest and relax in an atmosphere of safety, love and dignity in this ‘single woman only’ extended weekend retreat.
  • Become aligned in your heart with what intimately matters to you. You will leave feeling lighter, clearer and ready to do some aspects of life in a fresh new way.

It’s not a group therapy weekend. Nor a program to designed to get a new partner, although who is to say, that could be one result of this new deeper self-love relationship.

Come home to your True Self … Move further into your clear, loving heart and mind – laugh, maybe also have a  massage (prebooked optional), enjoy yoga, a Blue Mountains bush walk, watch the sunset … share, heal, explore and relax.to see if it’s a match for you.



There are a few questions that come up so I’m just going to cover those off for you, incase they are popping up for you.

Firstly, everyone present will be female and not currently in a romantic relationship and we are going to be in circle together. That’s immediately going to open up a unique and intimate space for things that are just for women. Secondly we will collaborate on what each person wants from the retreat; live together, laugh, move and maybe shed a few tears all in service of each person being more freely their wholehearted Self. It won’t be therapy and it won’t be educational – it will be a unique combination including movement and creativity.

Sometimes people don’t want to be seen as single by others nor to see this themselves. I get that. I used to think – nope, that’s not me. Currently though it is and I’m fascinated! It’s such a unique and powerful experience. How rare to be so free and yet in that, to face myself without the distraction of being in relationship. I don’t want to miss a drop of this time. I have discovered so much healing and greater awareness just because of this single girl time. This is what I want to share with you and also learn about from you.

You will have loads of free choice regarding your participation and time to rest. I am going to invite you into deep reflection and healing within yourself of resistance and/ or self-criticism. And to explore your ‘coping’ and wonderful ‘self-reliant’ ways of living. We will chat and walk and trust the unfolding of our time rather than be ‘led from the front of the room. I’ll be available for some one to one conversation as well. That’s why the numbers are small.

We will be staying in a beautiful location in the midst of bush-walks and beautiful gardens with a view to the sunset. The rooms are large and spacious with new beds and hotel quality linen. You can share a bedroom with twin King Singles or if available have your own room as a Kingsize bed. There is often a waitlist for a single occupancy room.

All the catering will be included and created by a local chef especially for us. There is a full kitchen, fridges etc. to use if you wish to attend to special needs or your own breakfast.

A deep sense of love and connection for yourself. Feeling more confident and clear, softer and more open to life as you choose it to be. Clear about what you want in any relationship, and about what you stand for as a woman and clear next steps. Plus your ideal way to on-goingly nourish, align and be your feminine strength.

  • Checking in on Friday at 2pm for a 3.00pm start. Finishing on Sunday at 3pm
  • Your price before up to 6 weeks prior for a single $1125 and for twin share is $855
  • Within 6 weeks of the event, it will be priced at twin share $997
  • A payment plan can be arranged, please talk to me
  • Our venue is accessible by train or car, in the Blue Mountains
  • November 9 – 11, 2018

If you have questions or to apply, just write back and we’ll organise a time. No obligation.

Confirm your place with payment of your 50% deposit or payment in full within 6 weeks 🙂

We expect to offer this retreat in February 2019. Dates to be confirmed. Full price all inclusive of exquisite meals, hotel quality linen in boutique accomodation, activities and experienced facilitation – $1250. Earlybird by January 15, $1100

Love Love …