Emotions and intelligence

Emotions and intelligence

“Emotions do not deserve being put into opposition with intelligence. Emotions themselves are a higher order of intelligence.” Orval Hobart Mowrer

Understanding intense emotions is essential if we are to experience intimate relationships and love. Because they will be stimulated. And that’s not a bad thing. However as you might have noticed, ignoring, blocking or blotting up emotions as a regular habit doesn’t help us feel like being super close and connected, open and vulnerable with each other.

Love is OPENNESS. Without emotions being included in this there is partial shielding. For good reason. Emotional protection is a survival action when we don’t feel safe.

Start with yourself.

Whether the emotion is fear, sadness, shame or joy and playfulness .. it’s all one emotional continuum. The more comfortable and more importantly, willing, even when it is uncomfortable to meet the full array emotions, the more strength and understanding, aliveness and alignment we share.

I know. It’s full on sometimes and i understand ho you’d like to turn away.

Love relationship is inherently intertwined with feelings.

The more emotional safety you offer your partner, the more they will be encouraged to venture into sharing emotional territory with you.

It’s so important to feel, sense and engage your way toward each other and through this – to a luscious healthy relationship … that’s the path of love <3

For me and many others that has included conscious learning about how thoughts, feelings, needs, individuality and couplehood all fit together. If you’d like to hone your skills please write me bak and I’ll share with you about The Relationship Revolution.


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