Energy in relationship

Energy in relationship

You know how when you meet someone, you just get the feel, the vibe of them? We all have a vibe, an energy – that’s a given yes?

Well, the reason emotions have such a significant role in relationship is – they’re energy in motion.

Handling emotions has a profound impact in how a relationship plays out.

So when your energy changes, just watch, the relationship will change. It can’t not change. It has to.

All change is at the raw indescribable level of energy.

Emotions are the key to this.

As is the capacity to be open and present to emotions

Turn 180 degrees energetically and do the opposite. I have seen more than one relationship change massively once I truly got that it’s an energetic thing. That change has stayed with me.

Remember ALL relationships are energetic. Afterall – who has ever actually seen a relationship, right? 

If you want to shift your energy in a relationship – let me know, or, if you want to learn to be fully present to your partner’s emotions or, to untangle your own… make an introduction Meet me here. I can help.


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