Fall back into your heart…

Fall back into your heart…

Come with me here…

  • Do you feel guilty, stuck, or inadequate when you try to express yourself with your partner?
  • Do you fear saying how you feel and what you want because you don’t want to appear needy?
  • Do you believe that having a good relationship is hard work, especially for you?
  • Do you think communicating, caring, listening, and contributing to a partner is complex?
  • Or feel that only certain kinds of special people can have healthy, loving happy relationships?
  • Does loving, enjoying, and caring for yourself feel impossible and irrelevant?

Here’s the thing…

Relating is a sacred way through which we experience ourselves

Relating is an incredible vehicle to discover and connect with who you really are

There is nothing shameful about having feelings and common human desires and wishes – needs. These are here to guide you to co-create a truly beautiful expression of life and love!

I so absolutely value the deep nourishing art of relating. I’ve studied and explored this with heart and soul for over 2 decades.

Relating is not about avoiding feeling alone, nor is it to simply feel better and financially secure. It doesn’t happen through being demanding, pushy, manipulative, or forceful. Nor by avoiding, convincing, or having certain expectations. Drop all that.

Truly relating is soul-nourishing, a beautiful flow, and completely life-enriching .. once you know it for all that it is and all that you are.

You may already know me, I’m Mukti Jarvis, NVC facilitator, and Emotionally Focused Couples therapist. I’m unashamedly a woman speaking about love, love, and intimate relating

There is so much that is logical, known, and easy to absorb about relating. I especially want you to embody the ultimately essential ways of understanding and communicating emotions because emotions are the lifeblood of relating. Then take this and run, go do it your way, your BEST way…with yourself and your loved one/s. You’ll be amazed and so will they.

People have so many reasons about why they think relating and relationship don’t work. It’s their partner’s issues, they don’t think the same, don’t have time to date, they have too many family commitments, are too busy to talk or cuddle and so it goes.

You can change the part you play in relationships forever. Then see how these reasons fall away. That in itself is transformational at the root cause level.

Now is always the time to fully show up as you, with love and honesty in your relationship/s
It’s time to fall back into your own heart and feel grounded, lovable, and loved
It’s time to have those conversations with confidence and warmth because you understand the map and have a new way.

All the love to you
Mukti xo


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