12 month super-kit for love and connection!

You help me grow into more compassion and peace, with myself and others

Mukti, I value your wisdom and your perspective, so ANY time with you, either Private Sessions, the Monday morning Live Group Coaching (for Online Course) or via text in the private fb group, is meaningful to me.  I consider you my expert heart teacher; you help me grow into more compassion and peace, with myself and others. I trust you, I feel safe with you. I feel heard and understood and also invited in the most gentle ways to step into a more expanded perspective, holding everyone as precious.


One payment of $997 (USD)

(or 3 equal payments of $382)


Is this for me?

  • If you want to experience more emotional depth and intimacy, yes.  Yes,  yes this is absolutely ideal for you. Each course brings you simple and do-able, shifts of awareness and open-heartedness.
  • If you have you realised your relationship is mightily important to nourish it, then yes! Doing this course will give you the gift of simple, time-tested everyday tools that nourish the heart.
  • Wondering if you really need private support but one of you doesn’t want to go down that path? You are who I had in mind when I created these Online Courses! I recommend you definitely join the course. Taking a step forward toward better connection is paramount.
  • Already in therapy or coaching? Full Membership will add significant support to the private work you undertake. If you’ve completed then it will help you consolidate your positive cycle of connection. **It’s not intended to replace Private Support or therapy if your relationship is in crisis.
  • If you are currently single and want to deepen how you relate generally or specifically with a family member?  You will get a great deal of knowledge, insight and experience how your life can be a reflection of the love that you have in your heart. Not a struggle to get love and keep it. You’ll be ready to engage with others at the level of their heart too.

Time involved

  • Approximately 45 minutes learning time, per week for 12 weeks
  • Revisit your training portal anytime, anywhere, unlimited
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • 45 – 90 minutes fortnightly for live interactive Group Coaching Calls