Good conversations

Good conversations

My good friend Adriana Koulias, author and speaker wrote this note the other day. For me it captures the essence of connecting and creating friendship and love that is stronger and larger than blood relatedness.  And names a fundamental quality – goodwill.

“To be awake and to try not to put another to sleep are the two most fundamental aspects to a good conversation.

In the one we agree with everything, in the other we disagree to score points. To turn off the internal dialogue and to listen, a…nd in turn to find the ‘right place’ to insert our words is an art. When it is done well it is like drinking from the same cup – a communion. For this one needs Good Will on both sides. It is not enough to have it on one side. Good Will is ‘active love’.

This active love can make even water taste of wine, that is, it can make even people who are not related by blood, related in spirit.”

Thank you Adri!

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