GROWTH happens in the edges

GROWTH happens in the edges

Don’t miss your gold nuggets

It’s SO tempting to want to run, avoid, defend, fume etc if things feel crappy in your relationship. Don’t.

That is NOT code for stay. I’m not meaning, stay in relationship, no matter what. That is not always what’s true. How are you going to know what is true?

Here’s my strong invitation 🙂

I’m inviting you to turn in toward yourself, toward your partner when things feel crappy.

If you have been reading me or know me, you will know I am not a fan of Positive Pollyanna style approaches. I mean I would be, if they worked. I’ve not seen it work in the long run. Things tend to just get stale.

And I’m a long run kinda gal. I want REAL solutions and love.

What is connected grows. Love that grows lasts. Generally.

So turn toward what feels sour, bitter or crunchy. Because really and truly there is SOMETHING worth uncovering there. Something you DEFINITELY want to have. Why?

Because just like in permaculture gardening GROWTH happens in the edges, the areas of difference. Where two zones/ substances/ people really meet each other.

In that zone is a seed, an opening, something NEW that emerges.

Personal insight, growth. Growth individually supports relationship to move forward in whatever is true rather than reactive.  

Be fresh and courageous, be skilful and loving in these adventures into the growth zone 🙂

Be true. You can trust connection with yourself and the other, to show you what next ..

P.s. develop your emotional skills and abilities in or book a consult for support  

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