Have a goal or a wish?

Have a goal or a wish?

It’s that time of year hey? There are lots of messages out there about setting goals and New Years resolutions.

Truth is we have intentions that we operate by regardless of the date. Right?

Mostly these are unconscious, keeping us in a trance. Yes, intentions in the form of our thoughts come largely uninvited and happily keep us in a trance.

Humans are creative (consciously and unconsciously) and so we draw experiences in, over and over.

If we wake up to it, we have at least these 2 choices

1 – have SPECIFIC conscious goals and intentions, or not.

2 – see experiences as FOR us. In favour of leading us to consciously experiencing ourselves. Or rather that life experiences are against our wellbeing and happiness. In which case we likely see life as a war or conquest.

Let’s just focus on number 1 above.

We get jazzed about something we decide to do: for instance get fit, lose weight, improve our relationship with our partner, child or parent, or find an intimate partner. There are 3 phases to being consciously creative. Check out the second one!

FIRST it’s a buzz setting up and preparing for success. Reigning in support of a trainer, therapist, finding courses, podcasts, books etc. New energy!

SECOND, comes the middle phase. It seems boring, hard work, repetitive, things aren’t happening as quickly as you want, you get an injury, work gets busy, someone else needs you… Yup. You got it. All the energy around this shiny new intention starts to drift and drain away. It feels like you are swamped and you want to quit. Too hard. Never going to work etc.

It’s as if life is saying are you REALLY wanting this? Really?

All the unconscious beliefs that aren’t in alignment with the conscious intention, pop up. They drag you back to the opposite of your intention. This is NORMAL. Totally normal. It’s not the time to stop. It is time to face the roadblocks, disbelief, concepts of incongruence. It’s YOUR time now that these previously hidden concepts have shown up, to deal with them. Yay! These are the unconscious reasons energising the status quo. Silently trying to protect you by justifying why it’s “best if you don’t make this change i.e. why you shouldn’t, can’t, won’t succeed.

Believe me there will be seemingly ‘good’, maybe even sad or crazy reasons why part of you is thinking it’s better not to achieve your intention – otherwise you would have done so.

EACH time you sort one of these, energy will open up and bring new movement toward the original intention! So welcome it!

Roll up your sleeves and do the darn inner-work. Don’t go on a search and destroy mission. Just deal with stuck-ness when it comes up – thoroughly 🙂

THIRD, celebrate and harvest your learning. This becomes compost for the next step and the next thing you feel drawn to create/ achieve.

My favourite teachers regarding this creative process have been and still are – Robert and Rosalind Fritz

Big love

p.s. NVC is a wonderful skill to have onboard for the second phase.  Click here to find out more.





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