We create relationships from the inside out. When we want to change how our relationships are operating, it’s an inside job.

Mukti Jarvis

Mukti Jarvis (mook-tee) specialises in the energetic dance of healthy relationship. She’s a warm, skillful experiential attachment-oriented Counsellor and Therapist, who is Polyvagal and Body-oriented in her approach.

She is an accredited Emotionally Focused Therapist, certified Nonviolent Communication Educator, Coach and Mediator and a certified Embodiment Coach and Assistant Trainer of Chi for Two, a relational Somatic Movement Therapy developed by Dee Wagner.

Mukti is passionate about EFT, compassionate communication and the power of movement to effect relational healing and growth. She’s a member of The International Centre for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy (ICEEFT), the International Center for Nonviolent Communication (CNVC), and the Melbourne Community for EFT Therapists (MCEFT where she is currently Vice President).

She was fortunate to learn with the late founder of CNVC, Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, in Switzerland, the USA and Australia before co-training with him in New Zealand. She was a founder of the Embodying NVC Retreat and Coaching Program. Mukti is one of the founding NVC educators in Australia (2002).

Prior to becoming a relationship therapist, Mukti had an extensive history in both corporate and private sector business, in HR and General Management.  Throughout her professional life, human connection, emotional honesty, dignity, and well-being have been the priority.

Her inclusive private practice is for all those in intimate relationship/s or wanting to be, including those considering dating.

With her lifelong commitment to relationship well-being and intimacy, Mukti is available to contribute to media discussions and publications.

She meets with clients nationally and internationally, online via Zoom.

Mukti is a member of:
International Center for Excellence in EFT
Australian Center for EFT
Melbourne Center for EFT
International Center for Nonviolent Communication
NVC Australia
International Institute for Complementary Therapists

I hope you learned enough from the above to help you decide whether to explore further. If so, it will be a privilege to hear more about you and what you’re seeking. You can arrange an Introductory Session by clicking here

What is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)?

EFT is an experiential therapy that looks at your relationship as a system and a primary emotional attachment bond. It is a well-researched scientific model of romantic relationships (Johnson, 2019). It has been validated by outcome research (Wiebe & Johnson, 2016) to provide evidence that it  successfully helps couples repair relationship distress and improve relationship satisfaction with long-term success. EFT has a 75% success rate. 90% of those who don’t complete the full process, report an improvement in their relationship. EFT has three parts:

  1. de-escalating your disconnection/ distancing cycle;
  2. restructuring your bond;
  3. integrating your new positive cycle

Years after completing this process couples report their relationship is increasingly loving and resilient. EFT is relevant for all relationships.


NVC is simple and empowering way of reframing how you relate, so that you feed the positive cycle of connection in your relationship. Rather than the negative cycle. NVC leads to a continual deepening of emotional intimacy and connection. It starts by helping you make sense of yourself every day, interaction by interaction. It guides you to truly understand your partner. It also teaches you how to build trust for each other.

With NVC you learn to clearly hear and respond to your own deeper needs and those of others. Through its emphasis on deep empathic listening—to yourself as well as others—NVC helps you bring compassion into your relationship.

Even if only one of you learns NVC, it can help you have better interactions.

Learn the four pillars of NVC online in “Connection Essentials for Love” You can start today!