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Communicate better. Have a closer, warmer relationship.

Are you tired of feeling disconnected or misunderstood in your romantic relationship? Perhaps you’re longing for deeper emotional intimacy and a stronger sense of trust, connection, and enjoyment with your partner.

Connection Essentials is a self-paced, start anytime, Online Course on Nonviolent Communication—that shows you the vital keys to unlocking a new level of understanding, empathy, and harmony in your relationship. Nonviolent Communication is a powerful framework that empowers couples to navigate their emotions in a whole new way, vital for a secure foundation of love and closeness.

Learn the fundamentals and gain practical skills to revolutionise the way you express yourself and hear your partner. 

The course includes real-life scenarios and practical exercises that allow you to put your newfound knowledge into action. You’ll join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals on the same journey, and be able to access support as you navigate your way through the course material toward a more harmonious relationship.

What you learn will help you even if your partner doesn’t take the course!

I’m confident you can sow new seeds for closeness and warmth. If you’re ready to get started, scroll down to enrol! 

Mukti Jarvis Emotionally Focused Therapist

What you will discover

Look & See!

Connection Essentials For Love
$ 97 One Time
  • Access to 4 modules containing 18 topics
  • Downloadable illustrations for easy reference
  • Easy worksheets for everyday use
  • Bonus: Four Ways To Hear A Message
  • Bonus: Being comfortable with feelings
  • Excludes Related Course: "Back To Love - Two Things To Know"

SEEK & Find!

Connection Essentials For Love
$ 197 One Time
  • Access to 4 modules containing 18 topics
  • Downloadable illustrations for easy reference
  • Easy worksheets for everyday use
  • Bonus: Four Ways To Hear A Message
  • Bonus: Being comfortable with feelings
  • Bonus: "Back To Love - Two Things To Know" Course
  • Certificate of completion
  • Recordings of Past Live Group Coaching
  • "Arguing That Connects" Guide
  • All future updates and additions
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What's Inside?

Module 1 – Connecting to yourself

  • Calm and collect yourself if triggered by your partner
  • Give up blame and be proactive about your emotions and needs
  • Know what matters most to you at any point, so you shape your life and relationship from this clarity
  • Be honest and compassionate with yourself, so you can show up like this for your partner too

Module 2 – Listening Deeply

  • Listen skilfully to your partner and through this create safe loving space for deep connection
  • Understand how to bring empathy during difficult conversations with your partner, so healing can happen
  • Give the experience of truly being heard to your partner
  • Listen and uncover the REAL issue so you can address what is important effectively

Module 3 – Speaking Up

  • Say what you really want to say with compassion and so you can be fully understood by your partner
  • Express yourself so you tend to ‘pull’ for connection with you partner, rather than trigger emotional distance or upset
  • Put the essence of what you need to say to your partner clearly so you can build strong connection
  • Ask for what you want and need in ways that are attractive and clear

Module 4 – Putting it all together

    • Converse in a way which supports open and real connection with your partner
    • Recognise when it’s time to speak, listen or switch over to understanding your own thoughts, feelings and needs
    • Find out how to heal and strengthen connection through everyday conversations with your partner

* Discover Your Real Feelings – video course
*Private fb group with other participants and Mukti

Time Involved

  • Approximately 5 hours study plus daily practices.
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • Some people like to go through it all and then focus on application
  • Revisit your Connection Essentials portal anytime
  • Let Mukti know you want to join the next Live Group Coaching round


Is This For Me?


If you’ve completed your course, done the handy exercises and feedback and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund you – no worries.


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