Come Home To Love Couple Program

Refresh and enrich your relationship in private

Are you at a point where you don’t like the arguing, things feel stuck, broken or disconnected? I’d love to help you move toward more of what you DO want in your relationship.

Maybe you want more harmony, intimacy, respect and/ or understanding?

All of us have unconscious aspects of thinking and emotion which can potentially drive our relationship – in the worst way. You’re not alone and since you are here, you’ve probably had enough. Which is great. We’re a match on this. There are many possibilities for you to heal and shift your current experience.

Below is the outline of a supportive couple program, to allow you to truly understand and move on from your disconnection, to heal grievances and injuries and discover what uniquely nurtures your relationship at it’s new level of love and intimate connection.

I’m thoroughly grateful to Mukti for the private sessions that have assisted my husband and I to detangle the horrible muddle we had gotten ourselves into, and with the combination of the online course and therapy, we have quickly achieved the security of having a strong, stable and well-functioning family foundation on which to keep building a good future on.
G.C. NSW, Australia

“I wanted to separate and start again as we were so lonely and so afraid of upsetting each other. Mukti will help you empty your case and travel with a lighter load.  What she offers is unconditional love.  The investment you make in the programs and support she offers is the best investment one can make.”
David C. Queensland, Australia

‘Come Home To Love’ Couple Program

This program is based on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy, the gold standard for couple therapy in the world. It also includes special resources and two places in Connection Essentials, the essence of how to make intimate, loving honest conversations and profound skills to transform conflict. On completing this program over 70% of couples succeed and continue to deepen their relationship long after finishing this work.

Part One

(7 private sessions)

Identifying and releasing blocks to love

  • Understanding how you unconsciously get in the way of trustworthy emotional intimate connection
  • Finding out what emotions drive this
  • Releasing the emotional drivers of disconnection
  • Seeing each other afresh and with empathy
  • Discovering how to slow down and soothe your emotions

Reinventing Your Communication Style

  • Finding Home Base: How to settle and regulate your own and help with your partner’s emotions
  • Speaking Up: Find out how to express yourself with warmth and honesty
  • Listening Deeply: Discover how to listen deeply and in a healing way, even during hard conversations

Part Two

(7 private sessions)

Healing and Re-building Trust and Connection

  • Addressing old events that just don’t go away
  • Healing past pain and re-building trust between you
  • Discovering why sorry isn’t enough and how to repair small and large misunderstandings/ disconnections

Feeding Love and Connection

  • Discovering what nurtures your relationship
  • Identifying the rituals that maintain and deepen intimacy
  • Consolidating being a safe haven and secure base for each other

Discovering Your Relationship’s Unique Positive Cycle Signature


Two places in the Connection Essentials Course and other resources specific to your relationship needs. Over time I have seen that learning about the positive cycle, developing your empathy and self-connection skills adds significantly to your success and progress.

You’ll learn everything that your parents and teachers just didn’t know about creating positive cycles of love and connection. And how to bring all the personal development and spiritual inner work you’ve done – into your everyday conversations.

Next Step 

But is Come Home To Love right for you?  Let’s meet so we can both be sure. It has to be right for you and there are a couple of situations where it might not be. So please book an Introductory Call and let’s talk.

Looking forward to meeting you!