Living Your Natural NVC Self

You’ve learned a great deal of Nonviolent Communication and you’re still thirsty?

Go past understanding NVC and drop into it. Fall so deeply into it that you find it is your very nature. Just as Marshall Rosenberg said.

Be deeply aligned and loving toward yourself, others and life. You are on such a deep journey. To open and open to life, in the way which I believe Marshall’s intention was for NVC to reveal.

In an interview I arranged for Marshall here in Sydney, he said the Buddha would take him on for copyright! That he wasn’t teaching us anything new, nothing we didn’t already know. Have you felt how this is both true and also that NVC is something you have ‘had to’ learn and do?

By nature we are naturally compassionate. This wants to show up in so many very real ways.

In my 17 years living with NVC, I have been exploring both NVC and my nature, “Who am I?” NVC is pointing toward something deeply precious and which I see I am not alone in treasuring. It’s kind of that call of the wild, of your heart, the deep peace within

I have some new distinctions I want to share with you.

Join in and …

  • Recognise your compassionate Self, within and out beyond OFNR
  • Find your natural voice and have wholehearted interactions
  • Unleash the free-flowing honesty of your own natural compassionate Self
  • Find out how NVC can both support and get in the way of connecting
  • Open to wide open free-flowing empathy to meet another deeply

We will meet for 3  Tuesday’s in a row, August 13 – August 27, 7.30 – 9.15pm Sydney time (AEST).
The calls will be recorded. The recordings are for ONLY for registrants in the group. They may be used by me at a later date.
This group is a pilot for exploring these deeper perceptions through experiential exercises.
For this reason the group fee is $97 AUD.

If you are keen and money and/ or language is a barrier, please write to this email and let me know your needs and requests. We will work something out. It is possible that translation may be available for those speaking Indonesian.

If this invitation speaks to you, jump right in now please! I’ll meet you 🙂