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Back To Love

In this course you will learn

  • what you MUST be able to do for positive relationship change to occur
  • why conflict and emotional distance occur – it’s not what you think
  • your unique first step to a more loving relationship
  • how to stop unintentionally blocking love
  • A way to return to being clear and centered, supportive of love
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Connection Essentials

Learn how to create extraordinary connection in your relationship!

  • to soothe and calm yourself when you are reactive
  • what you can do differently to avoid resentment
  • to untangle blame and criticism and find an unexpected gift for connection
  • to reach out and speak up in ways that create close connection, not distance
  • how to listen to each other, so that everyday talk brings you closer
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Real Love Conversations (Released September 2018)

In Real Love Conversations you will learn

  • why saying sorry doesn’t heal and what does
  • to say and hear ‘No’ without losing connection
  • speaking from your undefended heart
  • about making decisions from togetherness
  • how to de-escalate anger – yours or your partner’s
  • to magnify and build celebration of each other


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