How to go from conflict to heart connection

Are you worried about the impact you are having on each other? Do you find it hard to say what you really mean or to get heard? Wanting more fun, openness and emotional intimacy?

Good connection with each other is always precious. It’s so important to have a warm safe connection; to regulate and make sense of your emotions, be able to address conflict healthily; sit firmly in your heartfelt honesty, be able to speak up and have constructive boundaries with each other.

To transform ugly conversations by listening with deep, clear empathy and to bring effective healthy emotional honesty.

This course contains the essential steps of Nonviolent Communication for personal relationships.

Let me show you the key pieces of the positive cycle of connection in the Connection Essentials Online Course which helps you to create caring, harmonious, authentic interactions, resolve conflicts and experience a range of levels of emotional intimacy as applicable. It is based on the world renowned Nonviolent Communication – NVC

As an easy self paced, home study course, it goes way beyond a book or workshop recordings. It is a tailor made video based online course with regular opportunities to upgrade in order to join Live Group Coaching and a private FB group, that I’m in and reading daily!

Connection has to be learned through connection 🙂 I firmly believe this. I love connecting with participants and stay hands on.

The content is relevant to you as a partner, spouse, co-parent or if you’re single. My own story is woven into the course and you’ll learn by applying this proven communication model to examples from your life.

All the love

$297 USD

An easy intuitive experience – on mobile, tablet or computer.

What’s Inside?

Module 1 – Connecting to yourself

  • Calm and collect yourself if triggered by your partner
  • Give up blame and be proactive about your emotions and needs
  • Know what matters most to you at any point, so you shape your life and relationship from this clarity
  • Be honest and compassionate with yourself, so you can show up like this for your partner too

Module 2 – Listening Deeply

  • Listen skilfully to your partner and through this create safe loving space for deep connection
  • Understand how to bring empathy during difficult conversations with your partner, so healing can happen
  • Give the experience of truly being heard to your partner
  • Listen and uncover the REAL issue so you can address what is important effectively

Module 3 – Speaking Up

  • Say what you really want to say with compassion and so you can be fully understood by your partner
  • Express yourself so you tend to ‘pull’ for connection with you partner, rather than trigger emotional distance or upset
  • Put the essence of what you need to say to your partner clearly so you can build strong connection
  • Ask for what you want and need in ways that are attractive and clear

Module 4 – Putting it all together

    • Converse in a way which supports open and real connection with your partner
    • Recognise when it’s time to speak, listen or switch over to understanding your own thoughts, feelings and needs
    • Find out how to heal and strengthen connection through everyday conversations with your partner

* Discover Your Real Feelings – video course
*Private fb group with other participants and Mukti

Time Involved

  • Approximately 5 hours study plus daily practices.
  • Practice as you go through your daily life
  • Some people like to go through it all and then focus on application
  • Revisit your Connection Essentials portal anytime
  • Let Mukti know you want to join the next Live Group Coaching round


Is this for me?

  • Yes if you enjoy your relationship and want more depth and intimacy.  You’ll gain the insights, practical application support and understanding of what you can do daily to support intimacy.
  • Yes if you’re wondering if you need private support but one of you doesn’t want to go down that path. You guys are who I had in mind when I created these Online Courses!
  • Yes, if you’re already in therapy or coaching Connection Essentials will add significant support to private work you undertake. If you’ve completed therapy then it will help you consolidate your positive cycle of connection. **It’s not intended to replace Private Support or therapy.
  • Yes, if you’re currently single and/or want to change how your next relationship or how you interact with a family member.  You will get a great deal of knowledge and insight about how you can strengthen your relationships engage with others at the level of their heart too.

$297 USD