Be Relationship Ready

4 month Program: Overflow with love and attraction

If you are at a point where you are over being on your own. You want to share love and the intimacies of life with someone super special.

Maybe you are wondering if this is even  possible though? And are worried about whether you can adapt to this?

Are you ready to:

  • Embrace vulnerability alongside independence and self-sufficiency
  • Bring your fears and doubts about relationship and intimacy into the light to find out what you really want
  • Heal past relationship pain with self-compassion and harvesting the wisdom
  • Fall deeply in-love with yourself
  • Clarify what is necessary and important for you in life and a new partner
  • Learn the unconscious way YOU determine whether a guy approaches you or not

Everyone has unconscious aspects of thinking and emotions which are driving them, especially when it comes to intimate relationship, hopes, dreams and habits. Sometimes – in the worst way. So you’re not alone and since you are here, you’re obviously willing to go beyond this!

I’m so happy for you that you’ve decided this!

This package is designed to help you become clear, realign and ready for a whole new level of love and intimate relationship.

If you want to leave behind past relationship mistakes and become relationship ready, I’m here to show you the way.

As an “Be Relationship Ready Member”, you will be

Identifying and Clearing blocks to love 

  • Releasing old beliefs about what is possible
  • Clearing how you unconsciously get in the way of trustworthy emotional intimate connection
  • Re-aligning your reactions and your response to reactions – to make way for love!

Reinventing your communication

  • How to re-centre, respect yourself and be grounded with a partner’s emotion
  • Speaking Up: How to express yourself with warmth and honesty so your needs are valued and respected.
  • Listening Deeply: How to be a healing presence with healthy boundaries, even during hard conversations.

Healing and Recalibrating

  • Healing past pain and “rejection” and re-building trust in yourself, around others
  • Re-calibrating your energetic love match-ability 🙂

Learning how to nurturing Relationship in a new way

  • Why Sorry isn’t enough: Knowing how to repair small and large disconnections
  • Discovering and put into practice what nurtures you and intimate relationship

Completing Your Love Signature

Understanding what you bring, drop expectations and know what suits you, in a relationship

In between
‘Short calls’ or equivalent in messenger chat