Course One: Two Things You Must Know

In this course you will learn

  • what drives conflict and emotional distance in your relationship
  • why the problem isn’t you or your partner
  • about your own unique and essential first step to lasting loving relationship

There are two video modules in this course.  Key handouts you can refer back to and an exercise so you relate what you learn to your own relationship straight away.


  • Two modules x 30 minutes
  • 3 -4 days time between modules is reccomended
  • $37 (Value $147)

$37 (Value $147)

Starts in Feb 2017

Course Two: Connection Essentials - Coming Home to Love

In this course you will learn

  • the essence of what creates a positive cycle connection
  • to soothe and calm yourself when you are triggered
  • to reach out and create close connection
  • to untangle blame and criticism, instead of hearing an attack
  • Discover how to say what you really want the other to understand

There are 5 modules in this course. Each one contains a video (5 – 10 minutes), downloadable handouts, a quick check quiz and membership to join the exclusive Group Live Chat with Linda Mukti for support.


  • Five modules x 30 minutes
  • Recommend one module every 5-7 days

Note: Our Intro Course “Two Things You Must Know” is intended as a pre-requisite to Connection Essentials.  Connection Essentials is a pre-requisite to Core Conversation: Deep Dialogues that Heal and Grow.

Membership to this course will add significant support to any private work you undertake. It is not intended to replace Private Support or therapy.

Pre-launch Special $297

Regular Price $550

Starts in May 2017


In this Course you will learn about VITAL conversations:

  • why sorry doesn’t heal, what does and what builds trust
  • saying and hearing ‘No’ so you are really connected
  • healthy use of anger and it’s message
  • powerful appreciation and celebration

It is essential to be have these core conversations.  Without these, relationships founder on resentment, unresolved past pain, no-go zones in conversations, increasing distance and diminishing trust and tenderness.

Navigate the tricky times and strengthen your positive cycle connection.

There are 4 comprehensive modules in this course.

You receive ALL three courses when you purchase this Course and have Full Membership.  Full Membership mean you’ll receive Special Offers throughout your 12 month membership.


Four comprehensive modules x 60 minutes per module
Recommend one module every 14 days

Note: If your Negative/ Disconnection Cycle is strongly activated also enquire for Private Support.

SAVE $600  – Pre-launch Special  $397

Normally $997

Starts in July 2017


All our courses are:

  • Flexible..  you plan your learning time according to your schedule
  • Share-able.. invite your partner to watch and learn too
  • Accessible.. from any device
  • Private.. confidential to you. No need to leave your own home
  • Integrated.. with live contact with the lead trainer – that would be me 😉 You’re not just out there on your own!
  • Handy.. Forgot something? Need a refresh? Dive right back in anywhere you wish.

Everyday Love’s courses will show you clearly, practically and with plenty of support material how to build loving connections and have those difficult conversations so that your relationship goes from strength to strength.

GROUP LIVE CHAT with me is available for Connection Essentials: Coming Home To Love participants, so you can have help and modelling for how to apply, practice what is relevant for you, have questions answered and connect to others on the same course!

Full Membership (Three Course Bundle)

SAVE $600

Valued at $997


Course One – Starts in Feb 2017

Course Two – Starts in April 2017

Course Three – Starts in July 2017

You will join FB Closed Group and have regular Live Chat Time with Linda Mukti
as soon as you sign up for Full Membership


Connection Essentials Membership
can be Upgraded later to Full Program*
Full Membership
Regular $550$1000
Pre-launch Special$297$397
* Membership Upgrade
(Pay this amount AFTER registering for Connection Essentials and BEFORE the Pre-launch offer expires,
to receive ALL of the Full Membership Inclusions listed below).
What’s includedConnection Essentials MembershipFull MembershipValue
Connection Essentials Membership$550
Core Conversations Membership$997
Supportive Private FB Group with Live Group Chat Sessions with Linda Mukti
60+ minutes/month for 12 months
Invaluable ~ $2160+
Supportive Private FB Group with Live Group Chat Sessions with Linda Mukti
80+ minutes/month for 12 months
Invaluable ~ $3360+
Attend One Free "Communicating From Love" Live Event$399
Total Value$2710$5306
Regular Price$550$997
Pre-launch Special $297$397

Money Back Guarantee

If you’ve completed your first three modules, done the exercises, showed up in the group live chat time with Linda Mukti and we can’t help you get what you want from your Course Membership, we’ll refund what you’ve paid us for this course – no worries.