Presence ~ Being Present

Presence ~ Being Present

What I’m writing about today is a fundamental act of love. It’s major key to experiencing a secure bond in a relationship. I often hear people saying “… is not present to me”.

That’s a word not always understood. “I want him/ her to be PRESENT”. What does that mean?

Present. Presence. Same same. The best and most simple description I would offer is – giving your 100% attention to the person you are with.

In many ways it is so much easier than all the other games and distortions we can get mixed up in. 🙂

Be 100% open and attentive. Put down your mental habits of reaction and emotions flooding in, social media devices and other distractions especially

a) when your partner makes a bid for your attention and/or
b) frequently enough to nurture the relationship, be present to each other.

You’ll know if you are giving and receiving enough Presence. There is an inner barometer 🙂 in all of us.

If you can be Present to your beloved to the extent that they feel truly understood – and they can do this with you, you have a living, breathing, learning relationship.

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