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Is a Private Program for you?

  • Yes, if you are in distress, easily triggered/ triggering each other
  • Yes, if you have unresolved past or current trauma
  • Yes, if you are single and looking to heal past relationship injuries
  • Yes, if you want to change the way you relate in an intimate relationship

What will you receive?

  • deep clarity of your goals and what you both really want
  • identification and healing of blocks to intimacy
  • impartial support, privacy and unconditional warmth and regard to evolve as a person/ couple
  • reinventing your communication in intimate relationship
  • establishing your positive cycle of relationship


Your Initial Consultation is 75 minutes in length as are follow-on appointments. This is a time to confirm we are a good fit before embarking upon either the Coming Home To Love Program for couples OR the All The Love Program for singles.

Read the testimonials below please, to see how effective the combined program of online learning and therapy is.


Where do we meet for the Initial Consult?

We either meet face to face, at Tranquillo Place, Mona Vale, NSW 2103. Or by Zoom online* – depending on if your relationship is suited to working online. We can establish this in your initial enquiry/ chat.

First step

Let’s have that initial enquiry/ chat and see if we click and which way you would like to work. That is very important.  If after chatting, you or I don’t think I have what you most need, that’s ok. We can be honest and often I will be able to refer you elsewhere. Please click below to arrange a time to talk.




If you think you need help, you probably do.

I understand it can be a confronting thought to open up about your relationship and or if you aren’t currently in relationship, about your inner-life.

Most couples postpone getting help way too long. Research shows as long as 6 years after their first inkling.

Reaching out for in-depth support is a very important act of love in itself. Rather than me giving you answers, I will help you uncover and bring forward answers you have within you. I do this in a non-judgmental, supportive way which helps you to strengthen and deepen connection with yourself and/ or each other.

Here is what an initially reluctant, now happy Garry said to me “I wish we had found you 34 years ago!” at the time Garry was 68 years of age, married for 36 years.



Ready to book now?

Online Learning or In-Person Support?

Both is best! That’s why we have put together our Online Courses with Private therapy. This is an incredibly powerful  support for you.

Specifically, the addition of the Connection Essentials online course, approximately HALVES the number of private sessions required. That’s a big saving in time and money for you!

The online courses also enhance your capacity to experience and understand emotions and engage in your sessions.

AND give you knowledge of the Positive Cycle of Connection. Very important!  🙂


It’s not enough for an intimate relationship that is experiencing difficulties, to only learn new communication methods. Whilst the words you use and the way you listen are profoundly important, in an intimate relationship there are many subtle cues that get triggered. The emotion behind the words and actions holds the secret solution. A fully trained Emotionally Focused Therapist will help you dissolve carefully your armour and distance that gets in the way of your connecting.

You have all the pieces for information and healing.  Over 30 years of research guides us in helping you through 3 important phases to re-discovering your loving, peaceful, passionate connection as a couple. So what is offered through Everyday Love is a method with a definitive path.  As opposed to advice, counsel or mediating your differences.

Our approach is based on Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy which has a success rate of  70%.

Traditionally it was thought that individual counselling was the way to go.  ”If I sort out my issues and you sort out yours – everything between us will be fine”.

There are pieces of the puzzle which none of us can see as clearly as our partner. So working with both of you together is the ideal.  Individual work may be recommended in parallel on occasion*.

You will make faster and more complete progress if you can do this together.

* The few situations where an individual session is useful can be clarified over the phone or in your Initial Consultation.

This is not necessarily the end of trust and love.  Come in for an Initial Consultation to learn more about how your Couples Coaching will address this.  It essential that the additional intimate relationship be discontinued before really diving into the deeper work of healing the bond in your relationship.  It is my experience that trust and connection can be restored.

Yes absolutely.  Every relationship is different and your coaching is impartial and supportive of love and the relationship.

First book your Initial Consultation (90 minutes) then we all get to see if there is a match.  By the end of this session we will have a pathway sketched out and usually an insight surfaces which is immediately helpful.

I see couples or individuals for 12 – 20 sessions (75 minute sessions usually 1 – 2 weeks apart.) How frequently depends on your goals, the emotional situation internally and in the relationship, availability and your resources.  I don’t wish for anyone to ‘miss out’ so I aim to make sure anyone who wants to see me manages to get the support they need.  I also refer folks on to others if I believe that another person would be a better match. I won’t leave you hanging.