Real Love Conversations

Real Love Conversations

Some time ago I decided I wanted to know what True Love is.

What has become clear to me is, that true love requires honesty, being true in all my interactions one by one. I am feeling compelled to do this in a new depth and without skipping any moments this week. It’s turning out surprisingly well!

Someone said something in response to my sharing. There was an indirect quality to what they said. I couldn’t quite grasp the point being made. It seemed veiled in what, I wasn’t sure.

I checked in with my inner feeling and realised this sharing back about one’s own experience in relation to another’s expression, is something I have been focusing on in myself. Because I recognise it is a way of hiding making a point or being helpful, giving advice without it being clearly stated.

I knew what I was feeling within was about this sensitivity and didn’t follow the thoughts in my head which would have had me blaming the other.

Oh no. Discovering True love is far too important to me to waste energy there.

What’s happening? I wondered.

So I shared my experience in facts/observations with my friend and asked her if she would check why she had shared what she did. Was she trying to help me?

We have a true friendship, not a safe one. At least I hoped so. I was about to find out! or at least test this.

The outcome – was my friend saying ok I guess yes. Let me try that again… And she was direct and clear in her words and expression.

We high fived each other because immediately it felt clear and connected between us. THANK YOU we said to each other.

Our contribution to each other was profound. The sense afterwards – completely congruent and FREE 🙂

That’s my real love conversation today (well yesterday – 🙂


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