Receiving Christmas

Receiving Christmas

Our social conditioning is usually about being a ‘doer’ and giving to others.

DOING – racing around so that everything gets done and everyone is consumerised and  happy, can unravel and challenge the most centered of us.  It’s our centeredness that supports our relating.  So if each of us has one gift to give at Christmas – I would suggest that is first and foremost our centered and peaceful self.  Make time to support this in yourself.

I’m also inviting you to explore b-e-i-n-g a receiver of others and their gifts this Christmas.

Receive all the love, gratitude, playfulness and foibles of family and friends.  Having a gift given to you is a time to just receive the others intent and express your appreciation of them.  You might also explore receiving with full acceptance, others around you just as they are…even if they are in their stress or anxiety.  Dropping all judgment.

My favourite gift is to be received free of judgment.

with Love


  • Thank you for this lovely blog! A very timely reminder of what Christmas is really all about.

    Ann Porcino
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    Thanks for the festive season advice, I love it.

    margaret tung
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    So glad you enjoyed this. Thanks for leaving a comment Margaret and Ann : )

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    Love this focus on receiving – it is what I am exploring at present too so I’m enjoying the synchronicity and thanks for the affirmation. I particularly LOVE “My favourite gift is to be received free of judgement.” I agree – it’s THE best!! Presence is pretty great too – I told my daughter I didn’t really want/need gifts of things this Christmas – cos we’ve both been so busy lately, what I’d really enjoy more than anything is time and connection with her. She breathed out and said “oh – ok.” My sense is she enjoyed the ease of that request – she doesn’t have to think and/or shop – just be. Yummee!! Love and gratitude, Chez xx.


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