Same and different in relationships: what counts?

Same and different in relationships: what counts?

SO much conflict can occur when we want our partner to be like us. To think like us, to express themselves or behave in ways that fit inside our envelope of comfort.

Yet it’s usually the differences that attract us at the outset. That they are more outgoing than us. Or they are quieter and comforting.

This is the fertile edge for us to expand our ideas of ourselves and the world.

Such is the gift of a relationship and this requires growth in our skills too. So we can be supporting our love and connection. As opposed to being fixed and resentful in our emotional and mental bodies.

Interestingly what we DO benefit from being similar about, is how we handle emotions. This seems to be the important glue that allows us to navigate the other inevitable uniqueness of two human beings.

If you want to create a more common and fresh way of embracing emotions together and growing through differences, with an open heart and quiet mind ..  please have a look at joining me here.

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