Flip The Switch. Feel Kinder, Calmer and Closer.

Are you confused? Wondering how you and your partner get out of the tough place you’re in? If you’re looking for the first essential step toward a better connection, you’ve found it!

  • Discover what goes on in ALL relationships and is the root of your strife too.
  • Learn how to stop the painful repetitive, arguments and emotional loneliness.
  • Find out how to bring peace back and stop piling up unresolved issues.
  • Feel confident and clear about what to do in the face of criticism and overwhelm.

Based on Adult Attachment Theory this course makes simple, empowering sense of your love relationship’s troubles.
It is accessible on any device, video-based and super easy to follow. Find relief and become hopeful about positive change!

What course participants say …

I have just completed the Back To Love Course online and found it eye opening. I’ve made some notes and  printed out a few of the support pages. I’ll be back in touch for the next course.” 

Female, ACT, Australia

“Being a visual person it was really supportive to access the flow diagrams from this online course. I still picture these when I need to!

Female, NSW, Australia

“Just finished the Back To Love course and learned so much. I’m shocked! I think I already better understand my wife and I want to do whatever it takes now to connect with her”

Male, NSW, Australia

There is so much stuff in the Back To Love course. I repeated it today and learned even more. Lots of things I missed the first time. A really useful resource. Thank you! “

Male, VIC, Australia
Keys to unlock subtle blocks

Identify the subtle blocks, you are putting up which leave you feeling alone. When it is the last thing you mean to do – or want! You’ll be surprised!

calm centered

Feel more calm, centred and less reactive – learn how to come back to balance in your Self with a simple way to make new sense of your inner feelings

fresh space for communication

Create fresh space in your relationship, allowing room for love and connection to breathe and grow in your relationship

Special Bonus

+ Discover Your Real Feelings

+ Handling Feeling Hurt

Discover Your Real Feelings and Handling Feeling Hurt are your 2 bonuses, easy video based courses to de-mystify emotions, and how you can handle uncomfortable, seemingly negative feelings.

Get tips on how you can be with your emotions even when they are overwhelming.

Emotions are the lifeblood of your relationship and open you up to healthy vulnerability and intimacy – ONLY when you understand them.

Don’t miss these bonuses Become connected to your inner world, instead of stuck in painful thoughts and misunderstood feelings. Your feelings can guide you to greater intimacy and connection.

Start today!! $97 USD

Frequently Asked Questions:

“Do I need special training to apply this?”

No this course is specifically designed to empower you with what you can do every day, on your own.

This course will complement any therapy or counselling you might later decide you need.

I have chunked it down into simple things, that you can immediately put your attention on in order to start to change your relationship dynamic 🙂

Remember YOU are the biggest influence in your relationship. Let’s empower you!

Through the Back To Love Course, you’ll discover BETTER choices so your relationship can thrive. It’s extremely easy to follow.

“Do I need to do anything awkward?”

No :+) You go at your pace and share as much or as little as you like with your partner.

The course is designed to help you to understand and shift where you put your attention.

“How will my relationship benefit?”

By you having a new perspective on yourself and your relationship. You’ll be able to be aware of avoiding connection, blocking connection and how you can start to make different choices that support loving connection.

You’ll work through personal practical exercises. You can ask questions in “Everyday Love and Us” – our open facebook group or book for private support if needed.

“Is my relationship ready for these activities?”

You care deeply about your relationship. Something is happening in your relationship, that is concerning you. You’re ready.

This course is a sound investment in your relationship skills, for now, and the future.

If you are already getting professional help (great!) Back To Love, is solid additional support.

Private Sessions can be purchased separately, depending on availability. Enquire for availability HERE


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