Your swift dive into understanding the essence of lasting relationship change


In this mini-course you will learn

  • what your parents generation COULDN’T have known
  • What you MUST be able to do for positive change to occur
  • why conflict and emotional distance occur – it’s not what you think!
  • why the problem isn’t you or your partner – truly 🙂
  • Your unique first step to a more loving relationship

Ever wondered why things can get better and then worse again? Over and over?

Then this is YOUR course, believe me! You will find out why this happens and what is necessary for changes to last.

Are you like most people and just learning the basics of how to create a loving relationship through trial and adventure?

Everyone needs to know and understand how to apply these Two Things You Need to Know. Without this you will not get off the slippery slope of habitual disconnection and have a truly extraordinary relationship. And that’s what you want, right?

When I discovered what I share with you in this course, I was actually SAD and really delighted!

Sad, because I knew it had cost me loving relationships in the past, despite all my professional study.  (Many professionals still don’t know about this).

Delighted, because I knew I now had the information I had been seeking, for years!

You can have this too, now that you are here <3

What you receive

  • 2 modules with video, downloadable visual reference material and exercises to apply to your relationship
  • BONUS – ‘Discover Your Real Feelings’ – Easy 6 part Video Guide
  • Step by Step Video Demo of what to do instead of disconnecting or losing it 🙂
  • Lifetime Access

Time involved

  • 30 minutes x 2 modules with reference material
  • 3 -4 days time between modules is recommended
  • 20 minutes for Feelings Bonus videos
  • 5-10 minute daily practice optional

$27 (Value $197)


All our courses, including this course are:

  • Flexible..  you plan your learning time according to your schedule
  • Shareable.. invite your partner to watch and learn too
  • Accessible.. from any device
  • Private.. confidential to you. No need to leave your own home
  • Handy.. Forgot something? Need a refresh? Dive right back in anywhere you wish

Connection Essentials and Core Conversations Course Members also belong to an Online Private Group in which Mukti is actively involved.

They also receive fortnightly Live Group Coaching Calls with the lead trainer – that would be me ; ) Then you’re not just out there on your own!

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