Up-level Your Love

2 month Program: ‘Up-level Your Love’ by communicating fully from your heart

Have you had enough misunderstandings and distance to be determined to have really intimate, meaningful conversations, including the difficult but important ones, in your relationships? 

Maybe you are wondering if this is even possible? Worried whether you can ever manage to have this?

Are you ready to:

  • Know how to untangle and shape your life around what really matters to you?
  • Discover how open your heart and quieten your mind so intimate relationship can flourish?
  • Speak with your true voice, from clarity and centered-ness?
  • Be able to offer a safe, loving, deeply healing space where another can feel heard, like never before?
  • Communicate in ways that build and deepen your bonds, every single day?

We have all learned ways of relating and communicating by observing people around us. Many of these ways don’t create the deep loving connection of an intimate relationship that we want. Don’t settle for mediocrity and emotional loneliness. Don’t believe that’s all that is possible.

I love that you are here, obviously willing to go beyond this. So delighted that you are reaching out for the new and unknown!

This package is designed to evolve your communication. So you are clear, compassionate and honest, able to truly meet and open to being met in an intimate relationship.

If you want to be awake and aware of how to weave powerfully positively loving conversations, I’m here to show you the way.

As an ‘UP-level Your Love Member’, you will be

Reinventing your communication

Setting a clear goal for yourself and how you communicate in relationship

Identifying communication blocks 

  • Discovering how you unconsciously get in the way of trustworthy emotional intimate connection
  • Finding out how to re-align yourself instead of reacting – so you make room for love!

Discovering the positive cycle of connection

  • How to re-centre, respect yourself
  • How to respond to emotions – to best approach and open to feelings
  • Speak Up: How to express yourself with warmth and honesty so your needs are valued and respected.
  • Listen Deeply: How to be a healing presence with healthy boundaries, even during hard conversations.
  • How to nurture yourself and build your sense of worth and grounded-ness everyday
  • Discovering and put into practice what nurtures you and an intimate relationship

This program is equivalent to a comprehensive, extended, personalised NVC Training with two exclusive individual and eight group coaching sessions – I wouldn’t hesitate or miss it!

Book below for a Clarity Call, to see if this special program, full of discovery and love is a match for you!