What to Focus on Next

What to Focus on Next

“How can I know what to focus on next in my personal development?”

The place I go with this question is to speak to the part of you, who wants to improve or develop.

*What do you hope to gain? *What is it you truly want out of undertaking personal improvement? What is motivating you in other words. See if you can drill down to one-word answers. Love, peace, freedom …

Only undertake what is coming from love for yourself and/or those around you. The effort to improve or develop oneself that is coming from fear, striving or criticism is simply exacerbating any deep underlying sense that you are not enough just as you are; or are unworthy, unlovable.

Everyone has some degree of these feelings of unlovability or unworthiness. We don’t have to let this define us.

Sometimes we also ‘do improvement’ activities to avoid the boredom or loneliness we are experiencing. That’s understandable too.

I invite you to see what happens if you don’t ‘work on yourself’ for distraction and instead be with these feelings. Being compassionate towards yourself. Ultimately they will dissolve and you become more (or completely) free of unworthiness and unlovability as motivators.

That’s personal development right there, 🙂 which you can engage in naturally in the course of each day.

In a nutshell: If you feel to DO something, look for what you feel drawn toward, motivated by whatever your answers were to the 2 questions above*

Whatever you choose move from the fullness of love rather than any perceived lack in yourself.


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