When the s**t hits the fan

When the s**t hits the fan

Intensity of pain, discomfort or conflict are often the symptoms of there being something amiss in our relationship.

Relationships are like houses. We live in them. Sometimes we have a problem with the conversation  happening in the house. But that doesn’t mean the house is a bad house or should never have been built.

These two things get mixed up often. Instead of pulling down the house we might take down a wall and make the door handles work more easily so we can move around and see each other more easily.

Pulling the house down or leaving the house won’t necessarily change the conversation. You might just end up in the same conversation in another house.

So if the s**t is hitting the fan – change the conversation. Change the energy within yourself which is fuelling the conversation – step outside of the thinking which is fuelling the conversation.  If you are facing a wall as you are talking it will be uncomfortable and you might need help from a specialist to put in a door if that’s a direction your conversation needs to go.

I hope this analogy is useful.

Love Mukti

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