Why some people are compassionate and others are not

Why some people are compassionate and others are not

Through various studies it is now widely thought that humans are wired to want to contribute and care for others.  Daniel Goleman, psychologist and acclaimed author of Emotional Intelligence and numerous other books shares in the video below his answer to the above question.

Listen to Daniel (he’s entertaining as well as informative) AND I invite you to then come back here and answer these three questions:

1. How much of today will I spend solely focused on the ONE thing (versus multi-tasking) I am doing – experiment with the impact of this

2. How much of my day today will I spend in pause mode – I call pause mode where I am able to reflect and connect to my inner world.  It could be going for a walk around the block with the dog (not talking on the phone as you do etc.), meditating, sitting and breathing for 5 breaths, basically RELAXING – Being versus back to back doing.

3. To whom will I give my FULL as in, undivided attention, today?

I’m going to write more on this – compassion and empathy are integral to the quality of presence and connection I enjoy.  They just seem to make life, relationships and being me more easy, warm and joyful.  Meantime follow this link for Daniel.  I’d love to hear your  answer to this question too.

“Why some people are compassionate and others are not”


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