You can’t ‘nice’ someone into being ‘nice’ to you.

You can’t ‘nice’ someone into being ‘nice’ to you.

You can’t ‘nice’ someone into being ‘nice’ to you.

It might seem like if you are loving and empathetic towards this other being who is irritable, angry, critical, that they will suddenly stop and think “wow how kind and loving is this person, I’m going to give them the same empathy and care back”.


So nope. Unlikely to happen. That’s professional and personal experience.

You gotta do HONESTY and know and value your OWN feelings and needs.

Just because you can see they are stressed and you have empathy for them, doesn’t mean that you accept them behaving in ways which don’t meet your need for respect and love, is good for them, you, or your relationship.

Be empathetic sure AND be honest – without valuing YOUR needs and HONESTY you have no BOUNDARIES and the other can’t actually perceive you as a self, a person who also needs care, respect, kindness, support … all the things you think you are giving them.

You matter my friend. First of all you must matter to YOU.

Your self-worth, confidence, health, everything will rise if you value yourself equally in this way.

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