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Your love relationship matters

Is your love relationship one of the best and most nourishing experiences you’ve known, but it also challenges you to your core? Things can get really tough, even when you’ve done a lot of work on yourself, you’re smart and you really love each other.  It’s okay to need a bit of relationship counselling help.

Hello, I’m Mukti Jarvis

The challenges you’re having are a chance to discover both yourselves and your relationship anew. That might be hard to believe right now! But I encourage you to find trustworthy relationship help, dive in and grasp this opportunity with both hands.

I understand that you might have overwhelming feelings as you try to know what to do next. But if you’re reading these words, then the next step might be really easy.

Let’s meet. Book an Introductory Session about your relationship counselling options.

Include your partner if they’re willing. It’s important for both of you to have a chance to see how we click. After listening and exploring where you’re at, we’ll look at what makes the most sense for you as a next step.

I can help you move forward.


At Everyday Love we are making efforts to become collectively informed and responsive to the trauma experienced by black and non-black POC, indigenous and Torres Strait Island people, and others who have been or are oppressed in our community. We hear the deep and essential call for support and action.