Lean In, To Love

Lean In, To Love

“6 Keys To Make Your Man More Attracted And In Love With You“ were in my inbox this morning. Ick.

Here are 6 reasons why that completely turns my toes up. I have had so many marketing people trying to get me to talk to you like this. I can’t do it.

I have tremendous trust in love and human transformation.

It does not work to distort who you are. What works over and over is to lean in. Get past the protective, reactive layers.

Drop all that. That stuff is the barrier.

Lean into the attractive natural love and truth that you are.

If this doesn’t happen anything that changes is short-term. A character play. You are worth more than that. In fact, you ARE much more than a characterisation of love.

I’m not interested in helping people to cling on and manipulate the other to want them.

This is the very essence of why learning ninja psycho-spiritual communication skills* gives you your very own lightsaber, so you protect love. Share love.

Don’t try to go find love or get love.

Lean in to love.

That’s reliably, lastingly attractive, and rich.

Lean in, to Love.


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