INVITATION to a super special retreat

INVITATION to a super special retreat

This is an INVITATION to a super special retreat for WOMEN not currently in relationship.

There are lots of unique benefits and a few challenges when you are not in an intimate relationship. Various emotions and life situations arise. The purpose of this retreat is to explore these and find greater freedom, resilience and your feminine strength. To clear and see through possible resistances towards yourself, life, socialising, relationship, finances and wealth.

We are coming together in unique celebration of who you are, regardless of your relationship status.

You will leave full of compassion for yourself, lighter, with more joy and love for your life. Your life IS already amazing. YOU are already amazing. There is NOTHING about you to fix or improve.

Being single can be a very powerful phase spiritually and for psychological maturity, we will touch this in a very natural, gentle way.

Trying to change whether you are single or not, is not the purpose of this retreat. We are taking a broader and deeper view of who you are ♥ And going beyond the cultural norms of it being better to be in relationship.

Although who knows maybe you will open to something new as a result.

Contact me for a chat or with questions. Let’s see if it is a fit for you.

Only 4 places remaining..

LOVE Mukti

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