Emotional regulation and rocks!

Emotional regulation and rocks!

Nothing quite stabilises our relationships as much as being able to soothe ourselves when we are upset and even better to be able to soothe another too.

Recall a time when something unexpected and/or upsetting happened? Did your emotions rise? What did you do? Without suppressing or rationalising or projecting these feelings on to your partner, family or another (oops you don’t do that do you?) could you settle and find your center?

If you are able to find your way back to center with compassion and awareness, you really are a ROCK. I mean that in the nicest way! Every relationship needs a ROCK, and ideally TWO people who can move into that solid, strong, reliable, trustworthy, emotional compassion and steadiness.

Jargon for that is being able to ‘self-regulate’ and then to co-regulate.

Only once you can self-regulate, you can THEN get fancy. You are robust enough to co-regulate with another.

That’s code for being there for each other and steady up, soothe each other.

Have a think about people you know who can do this regulating thing and also those that you know who struggle with this. Remember not to mis-take suppression or repression as being a regulated rock person.

Consider yourself, how about YOU and how well you can do this. What do you reckon your family, partner, close friends would say about you in this regard?

There is no need to be perfect.

There is a need to be present, caring and responsible aka to ROCK when you need to.

LOVE Mukti

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