Stronger Relationship Bonds

Stronger Relationship Bonds

Stronger relationship bonds are what you instinctively seek when you feel insecure. If you’re like most of us you have no idea that’s what you are reaching for. Nor do you know how to create stronger relationship bonds.

I often hear people saying “… she, he, they’re not present to me”.

“I want him/ her to be PRESENT”. Why? If you don’t feel you can get their undivided attention at times; can’t feel their emotional interest then you’re pretty normal if you feel disconnected, upset or anxious. 

Being able to have the attention of your partner is one of the three elements to having secure stronger relationship bonds as defined by Sue Johnson’s work Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy. 

Have you noticed how easily you’re distracted by technology, social media, work and other demands on your attention? Including legitimately by children!

Your present attention is vital to creating a secure bond. I invite you to BE 100% open and attentive. Put aside your tasks and turn away from the aforementioned distractions.

Three tips for Stronger Relationship Bonds

  • Pay attention when your partner makes a bid for your attention 
  • Remember to turn toward your partner frequently to nurture the relationship bond with your full attention. You’re irreplaceable.
  • If you can be present to your beloved so they feel seen, valued, understood and important – and they do this with you, you have a living, breathing, learning, loving relationship.

If habits and reactions get in the way, I invite you to start to build stronger relationship bonds by joining my online course  Connection Essentials

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